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3 Lessons In Love

Low Deep T | December 5, 2012
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3 Lessons In Love

Low Deep T


Verse 1: If you think you’re ready come go with me yeah

I’ve got a lovely penthouse overlooking the Thames

All I wanna do to you babe is, what you want me to do

By the end of the night you’ll be wiser than before

Let me give you


Chorus: Three lessons in love oh three lessons in love, oh baby

Three lessons in love let me teach you baby ooalright oh

I’ve got three Lessons in love


Chants: Ben ben zumga ben ben zumga (repeat x 3)

ben ben zum ben ben zum


Verse 2: Girl I know you’re waiting, anticipating patiently

Lessons like this don’t come easy, better take it while you can

There’s no price to play for love, what I have for you is free

At the end of the night, you’ll be glad you came around come and get it


Chorus: Three lessons in love, ah baby oh, three lessons in love, uh ooohoo

Three lessons in love, let me teach you baby girl oha

Three lessons in love uh

I’ve got three Lessons in love


Chants: ben ben zumga ben ben zumga (repeat)

Ad libs: 1 2 3 three lessons in love 1,2,3  1,2,3  come and get it baby

I’ve got three hey I’ve got 3 Lessons in love


Words and music copyright LOW DEEP T 2012

Published by Cut&Play Music 2012

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Written by Low Deep T

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