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Low Deep T

a new name of
the international
house scene ?

He is actually a producer with plenty of
pedigree, some might not know that he is, in
fact, a former U.K. garage hot-shot, the
prolific songwriter / producer and Cut & Play
Recordings head honcho, TJ Cases.

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Low Deep T may be a new name to the international house scene, but he’s actually a producer with plenty of pedigree – some might not know that he is, in fact, a former U.K garage hot-shot, the prolific songwriter/producer and Cut & Play Recordings head honcho, TJ Cases.

TJ Cases is a legend of the heady days of the 2-step UK garage scene and is widely regarded as the best songwriter to emerge from it. He scored several anthems, including “You Bring Me Joy”, “Dedicated to Love”, “Don’t Stop-Not Tonight” and the notorious “Do It Again”, cited by Craig David as his favourite song from that joyous movement.

TJ Cases sold over 4 million CD copies in the UK of his various major recordings, and licensed work to labels including Sony, Warners, Ministry of Sound and Telstar, and Polydor and Arcade Music in the Netherlands. He even unleashed material as far afield as Japan through Avex Records.

While the producer’s back-catalogue features many singers, as Low Deep T, this London based producer released his first single “Music” in December 2009, the rave reactions to his first foray into deep 4/4 convinced him there was a place for old school vocals within the framework of fresh Afro-beats, and the need to fire up a new identity was born. “I needed to know who was coming to me for what I’m doing now as opposed to what I did in the past” he says – and thus the Low Deep T brand was born.

He’s been no less prolific as Low Deep T: in 2009 he started up the Cut House Records imprint as a base from which to fire off his house productions, and the big anthems started landing: “Nothing Better Than Your Loving” was a number 1 on esteemed online store Traxsource for five weeks, while “Fragile” also hit the top spot – a pretty confident announcement that Low Deep T has arrived on the global house scene.

Cut House Records has licensed material to brands and stables across the planet, including House Afrika, Soul Candi, David Gresham and Just Music (South Africa), Kontor Records (Germany), Ministry of Sound (UK), Planet Works (Greece), Time SPA (Italy), Media Pro (Romania) to name just a few.

Following these successes, Low Deep T’s debut album, ‘Big Love’ was licensed to Sony in South Africa and released on 29th August 2011. The album is highly influenced by the infectious Afro-beats sweeping global dancefloors: from the heart of South Africa to New York and Miami, Romania, Morocco, Greece and London.

Low Deep T is concocting a trademark brand of soulful songs with infectious beats, melodies and dream vocals that rival the old school and set the standard for the new. Big, deep and soulful, it’s like a combo of the deep velvet vocals of that icon of “lurve”, Barry White, with the slick licks of the new Afro-beat brigade, a potent, pulsating, addictive combination.

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Here is the Teaser to one of our summer Anthem #lowdeeptbeautiful . Follow me now on Spotify it’s out now
Mastered @whitfieldmastering

Listen to all mixes

329 36

Just 4 snippets of tracks on the forthcoming album #lowdeeptthekingisback mastered@whitfieldmastering out on the 24th of June ...

291 18

From the forthcoming new album #thekingisback here is one of my favourite songs #lowdeeptbelieve drop this on a cool summer evening by the beach and feel the emotions flowing from the saxophone 🎷 Album out 24th June 2022. ...

322 32

Backstage of the video shoot of #lowdeeptbeautiful backing music is the acoustic piano remix coming soon mastering @whitfieldmastering ...

311 26

It’s going to be an Afro soul summer . Prepare to shake everything. From the forthcoming album #thekingisback here is my summer anthem of 2022 .
Out on the 27th of may . Full video shoot tomorrow @london Earl’s Court
Pre save it here follow this link


459 32

#lowdeeptbeautiful #afrobanger Remix . Thanks to the king of mastering @whitfieldmastering for cutting this at short notice . It’s all Good 👍. Summer anthem for all Afro floors and beach clubs drop and dance ...

120 2

The banging hit for all the summer floors this summer . A package of 4 Afro soul mixes Simply titled #beautiful #lowdeeptbeautiful @whitfieldmastering thanks for the world class mastering on this classic .. coming soon on Spotify and all your digital stores ❤️ ...

299 18

Summer anthem “Beautiful “ hot off the buttons @whitfieldmastering .For all your summer floors . Coming soon #lowdeeptbeautiful taken from the forthcoming album #thekingisback ...

249 20

Here is my classic “See Something Say Something Do Something “ The words of the song describes what is happening in the world today #silenceisnotanoption #lowdeept #lowdeeptclassicsongs A song for today , tomorrow and always ...

331 27

Here is the song I wrote for Ukraine in 40 minutes. #ukrainecarryonstaystrong. Please share and story it and tag it or remix it if you believe in peace. War should never be the answer in 2022 . Any film or documentary or video makers who wish to use the music please contact us . There is no payment. Peace and big love to all . @elisvitolina @seanpenn @vitaliyklitschko @andersoncooper @wolfblitzer @patrice.evra @usykaa @oleksander.zinchenko @uafukraine @whitfieldmastering @lyse.ducet @maksimc @refugees @ukinukraine_ @skynews @iamgaelmonfils @mewossy @aljazeeraenglish ...

193 72

Low Deep T private event #kharkiv #ukraine July 2016 War is not the answer and can never be the solution # ukrainestaystrongcarryon ...

270 22

Lowdeept#kyiv July 2016 #ukrainestaystrongcarryon war is never the answer and can never be the solution ...

588 24

Classic Low Deep T #biglove to all my fans around the world on lover’s day . Have a great one wherever you are ❤️ Follow me on Spotify for all the classics and new hits ...

1686 127

The mixing of a new hit #saysorry forthcoming on the new album #thekingisback Afro soul at its best dropping soon ...

322 41

Hot Hot Hot from the king of mastering @whitfieldmastering . The song is titled “My Promise” forthcoming on my new album #thekingisback dropping soon future classic Big ❤️ ...

496 30

Photo from video shoot @tommasochefu #settledown video coming soon from a brand new album #lowdeept #kingofafrosoul ...

664 29

Hot hot right now from the mastering desk by my bro the king of mastering at the buttons @whitfieldmastering Anthem for our generation # letmeknow #coming soon . If there is something I can do or say to make it better just let me know . The message is in the song

534 17

Mastering right now by my bro the king of mastering @whitfieldmastering Anthem for our generation #letmeknow #comingsoon .If there is something I can do or say to make it better just let me know . The message is in the song

558 36

Escucha la voz del pueblo
escucha la voz de la calle .

Ha llegado el momento de cambiar.

Deseo todo lo mejor a mis fans en Colombia

Estoy con ustedes

Disfruta de la canción que escribí en apoyo a la Justicia Social

558 40

  • cover play_circle_filled

    01. Put Your Hands

  • cover play_circle_filled

    02. Changes

  • cover play_circle_filled

    03. U Will Never Know Me

  • cover play_circle_filled

    04. Heaven 2022 Remix

  • cover play_circle_filled

    05. Beautiful Day

  • cover play_circle_filled

    06. Beautiful (Remix Part 2)

  • cover play_circle_filled

    07. Music 2022 Remix

  • cover play_circle_filled

    08. Give It Up 4 Love

  • cover play_circle_filled

    09. Heaven 2013 Remix

  • cover play_circle_filled

    10. Believe

  • cover play_circle_filled

    11. Say Sorry

  • cover play_circle_filled

    12. Stand By My Side

  • cover play_circle_filled

    13. Let Me Know

  • cover play_circle_filled

    14. Play That Music

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